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DC-PRO Subscription

Price: $3,750.00
Item No.: SUB102

*Upon order confirmation, log in information will be emailed to customers within 2 business days.

Do you find it hard to put your hands on the letter of credit information you need, when you need it?

Have you ever spent hours looking for the right ICC Opinion or legal case to clear up a dispute or misunderstanding?


Would your productivity be greatly increased if you had all that important LC information at your fingertips?

 DC-PRO: the paper free LC Resource

DC-PRO is the ICC's essential online LC resource for documentary credit professionals.

It provides instant online access to all the information necessary for a documentary credit professional to make high value decisions.

What information does DC-PRO contain? :

  • All Official ICC Opinions - including unpublished Opinions
  • All issues of DCInsight
  • International Standard Banking Practice
  • A library of Legal Case Summaries
  • ICC International Trade Rules
  • News
  • Fraud alerts
  • Case Studies
  • DOCDEX Decisions
  • ICC Policy Statements
  • Expert Discussion Forum

All of this information is valuable in its own right but the real key to the usefulness of DC-PRO is that all of the information is fully searchable.

You will wonder how you managed without it for so long!


Save Time
DC-PRO can help you maximize the use of your time by giving you this information online and in an easy to use format.  No more looking in drawers or searching on shelves for reference texts.

Save Money
LC's are usually issued for high value transactions. Consequently, disputes relating to LC's incur high costs. The information on DC-PRO can help you to avoid disputes and their related costs.

Keep up to date
Does keeping up with the newest LC intelligence prove difficult with your busy work schedule?  DC-Pro provides the latest ICC intelligence and news on letters of credit.

Extra Benefit for CDCS
CDCS that subscribe to DC-PRO can earn PDUs towards re-certification for the CDCS while you work. You can earn up to 12 PDUs over a three-year period by keeping up to date with the latest information on DC-PRO.

Who is using DC-PRO?

Decision makers in banks all over the world are saving time and trimming costs using DC-PRO.


Full access to all of the vital information on DC-PRO for 1 person for 1 year, $3,750.

Discounts are provided for multiple subscriptions.  Please contact us for more information.

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