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UpSkill 600 Online Training

Price: $450.00
Item No.: TR112

UpSkill 600
*Once the order is completed, log in information will be emailed to customers within 2 business days.

Online Training in UCP 600
This course was designed to help orgainzations prepare their staff for the UCP 600 rules.  UpSkill 600 consists of 7 hours of online instruction and training and is aimed at experienced Letter of Credit practitioners. 

The course contains 3 sections:

  •   A full Article by Article comparison of the UCP 500 and the UCP 600.
  • Detailed Interactive Multimedia training on the Key Issues in the new revision of the rules.
  • Online Assessment to test the trainee's knowledge at the end of the course.


The training content is written by Gary Collyer, Technical Adviser to the ICC Banking Commission, and Chair of the UCP 600 Drafting Group, so you are assured of the quality of the training materials.

We track the progress of all trainees.  The Assessment consists of a selection of questions drawn at random from a large database of questions.  On completion, the trainee receives a personalized ICC Certificate detailing their individual results in the Assessment by post.


UpSkill600 is registered for 8 PDUs towards CDCS Recertification.

Because every trainee is receiving exactly the same message, you are assured that all of your staff are being trained to a consistent standard.  This eliminates any concerns regarding the effective communication of the UCP 600 training across the organization.  

Once activated, the trainee will have access to the materials for a period of 1 year.

UpSkill 600 is sold on a per user basis.  Discounts are offered for orgainzations with larger numbers of trainees as follows:

1 to 9 trainees - $450.00 per trainee
10 to 49 trainees - 375.00 per trainee
50+ trainees - $300.00 per trainee



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