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eBook - Arbitration - Money Laundering, Corruption and Fraud

Price: $85.00
Item No.: 651 eBook
ISBN: 978-92-842-1320-7
Pub No. 651 eBook
2003 Edition
192 pages
The International Chamber of Commerce's world-renowned Institute of World Business Law, where legal and business experts convene, has devoted an entire publication to money laundering and other forms of corruption: Arbitration: Money Laundering, Corruption and Fraud.  This important Dossier focuses both on the nature of the problem and the lawyer/arbitrator's response to it.

Answers to Key Questions

This useful text contains the proceedings of a conference on arbitration and money laundering organized by the ICC Institute of World Business Law.

It brings the reader the expertise of lawyers, academicians and chartered accountants from a range of countries and addresses the key questions arbitrators and legal practitioners want answered:

  • Is the arbitrator's role in a case of fraud different from his role in other disputes?
  • Is the arbitrator bound to report a case of money laundering or fraud if he has a suspicion that something is wrong?
  • Is counsel to report someone coming to him for advice?

A Practical Text

The Dossier gives a comprehensive overview of the issues. It begins with a look at the nature of the problems lawyers and other professionals face and the solutions they adopt in their daily business.  The second part of the book concentrates on the problems raised for arbitrators by money laundering, fraud and bribery.  The book ends with a detailed Q&A discussion section.

The ICC Role

The publication continues a long tradition of ICC work in the field, which began as early as 1977 with ICC Rules to Combat Extortion and Bribery in International Business Transactions.  That focus has continued with widely acclaimed recent publications Preventing Financial Instrument Fraud by ICC Commercial Crime Services and Fighting Corruption, a practical guide for corporate managers.

As the most respected international business organization, ICC has taken the lead in the fight on corruption
Table of Contents
Serge Lazareff, Chairman, ICC Insitute of World Business Law

Co-editors, Kristine Karsten & Andrew Berkeley

Money Laundering
How It Works and Why You Should Be Concerned

Kristine Karsten

Fraud, Corruption and Money Laundering
The Approach of an International Law Firm
Alan Jenkins

Transnational Commercial Bribery
A Challenge to Arbitration
Mark Pieth

The 1997 OECD Convention Against Transnational Bribery
Effective Monitoring & Implementation
Giorgio Sacerdoti

Transnational Public Policy in International Arbitral Decision-making
The Cases of Bribery, Money Laundering & Fraud
By Bernardo Cremades & David J. A. Cairns

The Role of the Expert in Arbitration
Arthur Harverd

Arbitration Case Law on Bribery
Issues of Arbitrability Contract Validity, Merits and Evidence
Antonio Crivellaro

Arbitration, Corruption, Money Laundering & Fraud
The Role of the Tribunals
Allan Philip

Final Remarks
Robert Briner

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