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eBook - Business Law in China

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Item No.: 672 eBook
Business Law in China
Trade, Investment, Operations and Finance
Second Revised Edition
By Daniel Arthur Laprè s and Zhang Yuejiao
Pub No. 672 eBook
2008 Edition
Note: this title is only in eBook format

Business Law in China brings together practitioners and scholars from China and other countries to create a unique work of compilation, analysis and assessment of the current state of Chinese business law.  With a focus on traditionally important subjects for international business professionals, this updated edition breaks ground with its inclusion of extensive material on the legal aspects of managing a business in China.

It is organized and presented to correspond with business people’s actual experience in dealing with legal issues involving China.  Throughout the work, legal issues are placed in their business contexts, creating a basis for common understanding among lawyers and their business clients.

Tables and illustrations help to clarify complex institutional organizations and legal processes.

Business Law in China is available in English at, and as an eBook only.
Daniel Arthur Laprès is a member of the Bars of Paris and of Nova Scotia. Of counsel to Kunlun Law Firm in Beijing, he is listed on the panel of international arbitrators of the China International Trade and Arbitration Commission. He is Professor of Law at the Faculté Libre de Droit, d’Economie et de Gestion in Paris.

Zhang Yuejiao is currently a member of the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization, President of the Chinese Law Society and Professor at the University of Shantou. Ms. Zhang has served as Director General of the Department of Treaties and Laws in the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (now Ministry of Commerce).
Contributing Editor:Lei Kai, Partner, Kunlun Law Firm, Beijing. 
Table of Contents 

CHAPTER 1 The History of Economic Law in China
CHAPTER 2 Constitutional and Administrative Law
CHAPTER 3 Civil Law

CHAPTER 4 Criminal Law
CHAPTER 5 International Trade
CHAPTER 6 Shipping
CHAPTER 7 Industrial Property
CHAPTER 8 Trademarks
CHAPTER 9 Copyright
CHAPTER 10 Internet-related IP
CHAPTER 11 Marketing
CHAPTER 12 Trade Finance
CHAPTER 13 Foreign Direct Investment
CHAPTER 14 Business Organisations
CHAPTER 15 Real Estate
CHAPTER 16 Labour
CHAPTER 17 Environmental Law
CHAPTER 18 Insurance
CHAPTER 19 Project Management
CHAPTER 20 Financial Institutions
CHAPTER 21 Capital Markets
CHAPTER 22 International Capital Flows
CHAPTER 23 Taxation of Business Income
CHAPTER 24 Indirect Taxation
CHAPTER 25 Taxation of Real Property
CHAPTER 26 Taxation of Personal Income
CHAPTER 27 Conciliation
CHAPTER 28 Administrative Remedies
CHAPTER 29 Litigation
CHAPTER 30 Arbitration


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