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eUCP Online Training

Price: $150.00
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eUCP Online Training

UCP 500 are the ICC Uniform Customs and Practice that have been used over 60 years to govern the operation of documentary credits.  While the UCP have been extremely successful in providing self-regulation for the letter of credit industry, the need was apparent to update th erules to accommondate technological advances.

With the evolution from paper to electronic credits, it was determined that the market was looking to the ICC to provide guidance in this transition.  In response, the ICC Banking Commission established a Working Group consisting of experts in the UCP, electric trade, legal issues and related industries, such as transport, to prepare the appropriate rules as a "supplement" to the UCP.  And the result is the Supplement to the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credit for Electronic Presentation or "eUCP".

The Need for Training

The introduction of any new set of rules or guidelines creates a need for training to ensure a common understanding of the rules. To address this the Coastline Solutions team, in co-operation with the ICC, has produced a comprehensive training course in the eUCP. This training course is approximately 2 hours long and can be taken completely online.

eUCP Course Contents 

Coastline Solutions' eUCP course will give the client a good appreciation for the relevance of the eUCP supplement, its relationship to UCP 500, the nature of electronic records, issues for presentation and guidance for the examination of the electronic records. The course also contains a question and answer assessment and practical case study. 


eUCP Online Training is $150.00 per trainee



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