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Handbook of ICC Arbitration

Price: $360.00
Item No.: 977
ISBN: 978-04-140-4463-0

Handbook of ICC Arbitration: Commentary, Precedents, Materials, 3rd Edition
by Thomas H. Webster and Dr. Michael Bühler

Pub No. 977
2014 Edition
Published by Sweet & Maxwell

The Handbook of ICC Arbitration reviews the first two years of practice under the new 2012 ICC Rules of Arbitration.  The authors provide expert analysis of the entire process of using and adhering to the Arbitration Rules.  The Handbook closely examines the diverse issues that can occur during an arbitration.  It also contains essential information related to arbitration on an international level with reference to published and unpublished awards, procedural orders, and many decisions of national courts.

Contents include:

  • A detailed rule-by-rule analysis of the 2012 ICC Rules based upon the authors' experience as arbitrators, counsel and as ICC Court members
  • Reviews the first two years of practice under the 2012 Rules
  • Provides practical guidance with respect to the conduct of proceedings with references to procedures adopted in many recent ICC arbitrations, the IBA Rules on the Taking of Evidence in International Arbitration (2010), the IBA Rules on the Conflict of Interest in International Arbitration and the IBA Guidelines on Party Representation in International Arbitration
  • Discusses the new French Law on Arbitration
  • Reviews basic concepts in ICC arbitration such as:
    -how the ICC Court functions in its Plenary and Court Sessions
    -arbitrability in particular under US Law
    -the differing approaches to nonsignatories under various national laws
    -annulment of Awards and enforcement of annulled awards
    -the role of the ICC as an arbitration institution
    -the rule and liability of arbitrators
  • Provides examples of documents used in ICC Arbitration
  • Includes a copy of the relevant laws from France, Switzerland, England, the United States as well as the UNCITRAL Model Law and the New York Convention
  • Provides in one volume what is needed to conduct an ICC arbitration wherever it may be held

About the Authors

Thomas H. Webster is a Canadian Lawyer admitted to practice in the U.S., France and England.  Since 2006, he has been a Canadian Member of the ICC International Court of Arbitration.  He specializes in the following areas: International litigation and arbitration, Mediation, International business transactions, Private investments, Business and company law in France and other European countries.

Michael W. Bühler is head of litigation at the Paris office of Jones Day, and coordinates the firm's international dispute resolution practice in Europe.  He concentrates on international commercial arbitration and international business transactions and has been practicing law in Paris since 1985.

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