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ICC Guide to Export/Import, 4th Edition

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Item No.: 686
ISBN: 978-92-842-0133-4
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ICC Guide to Export/Import - Global Standards for International Trade (4th Edition)
By Guillermo C. Jimenez

Pub No. 686
2012 Edition
Approximately 280 pages

International trade is one of the primary engines of increasing global prosperity.  But, cross-border trade, as opposed to domestic trade, involves additional risks and challenges, e.g. transport risks, legal risks, exchange rate fluctuations etc.  Therefore, it is vital that traders worldwide have the tools helping them to more effectively do their jobs.

The ICC Guide to Export-Import is an easy-to-understand introduction to international trade and at the same time a detailed handbook for the experienced practitioner.  Completely updated, the fourth edition of this much acclaimed volume contains an extended analysis of new rules, such as ICC’s Incoterms® 2010 and crucial topics such as

·         The legal framework and dispute resolution in international business

·         Transport risks, customs and cargo insurance

·         Online documentation and e-commerce

·         Tips and tricks for negotiating international contracts

·         Intellectual property and more.

Developed in consultation with top experts at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), this vital handbook will help traders and students of international business face the challenges of a globalized world and make the most of international markets.
by Jean-Guy Carrier, Secretary General, ICC

Following a period of worldwide financial stress, the appearance of this fourth edition of ICC Guide to Export-Import (formerly called Export-Import Basics) is particularly timely.  International trade, which has consistently been one of the primary engines of increasing global prosperity for decades, slowed in some nations and even declined in others.  The challenges of economic turbulence, however, underscored the importance of professional knowledge in the field of international trade.  In this economic environment, when export earnings and import efficiency are so important to a nation’s economy, it is vital that traders have the tools enabling them to more effectively do their jobs.

For individuals and for companies large and small wishing to profit from global trade, exporting and importing can be an intimidating process.  While risk is a factor in all business transactions, international trade involves additional risks – transport risks, legal risks, risks of non-payment, of receiving poor quality goods and of exchange rate fluctuations.  ICC Guide to Export-Import provides basic guidance for beginning traders as well as detailed, informed overview of international trade practice that can benefit sophisticated traders wishing to improve the way they sell and receive goods from abroad. 

This widely acclaimed book has helped a generation of exporters and importers learn the tools of their trade.  This, the fourth edition, has been completely updated with an extended analysis of the rules, such as Incoterms® 2010, ICC’s internationally recognized trade terms, and with chapters on customs and intellectual property, included here for the first time.

At the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), which was established almost a century ago to fight for freer trade, we have a keen appreciation of the content found in these pages and the lucidity with which it is presented.  Whether by the creation of contractual rules – such as Incoterms and the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP) – or by advocating the cause of more open trade before governments and international organizations, ICC has fulfilled that mission consistently through the years.  The publication of this fourth edition of ICC Guide to Export-Import is yet another of the practical tools for trade that ICC provides to the world business community.


About the Author

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Guillermo C. Jimenez, author of the ICC Guide to Export-Import, is an attorney as well as a tenured Professor of International Trade and Marketing (SUNY - Fashion Institute of Technology).

Prof. Jimenez has over 25 years experience practicing and teaching in the fields of of international trade and international law, including 8 years as Division Head for International Commercial Practice at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Paris Headquarters.  In addition to his book on Export-Import Basics, he has published books on international trade, business law and public affairs, as well as articles in journals and periodicals such as the Unidroit Uniform Law Review, Documentary Credits Insight, The New York State Bar Association Journal of Intellectual Property, and the International Herald Tribune.  As an international trade and policy expert, he has lectured in over 35 countries and collaborated with such intergovernmental organizations as the United Nations, World Trade Organization and European Commission.  He holds adjunct teaching appointments to Iona College (New York) and the International School of Management (Paris).

Prof. Jimenez received his B.A. from Harvard and his J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. 




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