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ICC Guide to Incoterms 2000

Price: $82.50
Item No.: 620
ISBN: 978-92-842-1269-9
ICC Guide to Incoterms 2000
Understanding and Practical Use
By Professor Jan Ramberg
Pub No. 620
7 1/2 inches x 10 3/4 inches
1999 Edition
192 pages
INternational COmmercial TERMS

 ICC Guide to Incoterms 2000 explains how Incoterms 2000 can work for you in daily practice. It provides answers to important and recurring questions concerning the 13 trade terms. For example:

  • What are Incoterms and what can they do for you?
  • How do you reference Incoterms in a contract of sale?
  • What are the main differences between Incoterms 1990 and Incoterms 2000?

Chapter 1 describes the differences between F-terms C-terms and D-terms.

Chapter 2 provides an overview of the obligations of the buyer and seller.

The Final Section takes you through each of the Incoterms section-by-section with detailed commentary surrounding each point.

Plus! The ICC Guide contains beautifully designed graphics and illustrations, including a mirror explanation of each of the 13 Incoterms highlighting all the issues.

Exporters, importers, lawyers, transporters, bankers, students and teachers will benefit from having ICC's outstanding Guide to Incoterms 2000 in hand. It will remain your indispensable companion to all ICC products in our Incoterms 2000 series.

Table of Contents

Understanding Incoterms

What are Incoterms, and What Can They Do for You?

Referencing Incoterms in a Contract of Sale

The Differences Betweeen 1990 and Incoterms 2000

What Incoterms Cannot Do for You

Incoterms and Contracting Practice

Why are as many as 13 Incoterms Required?
Which Incoterm should be Chosen?

Incoterms and the Contract of Carriage

The Duties under Incoterms to Load and Unload the Goods

The Duties Connected with the Export and Import Clearance

Incoterms and Insurance

Incoterms and Documentary Credits

Incoterms and Electronic Commerce

Variations of Incoterms

Incoterms and Other Terms in the Contract of Sale

Incoterms and Dispute Resolution

The Four Groups of Incoterms:  Main Components

Important Differences Betweeen Shipment and Arrivial Contracts
The Abbreviations:  E-,F-,C- and D-terms

The term EXW:  Placing the Goods at the Disposal of the Buyer

F-terms and C-terms:  the Carriage-Related Terms

F-terms:  Main Carriage Not Paid by Seller

C-terms:  Main Carriage Paid by Seller

D-terms:  Delivered Terms

Seller's and Buyer's Obligations:  An Overview

Sections A1, B1:  The Obligation to Exchange Goods for Money

Section A9:  The Seller's Packaging Obligations

Section B9:  Pre-Shipment Inspection

Sections A2, B2:  The Obligation to Clear the Goods for Export and Import

Sections A3, B3, A4:  Division of Functions, Coss and Risks between Parties

Section A8:  The Seller's duty to Provide Proof of Delivery and the Transport Document

Sections A4 and B4:  The Sellers' Obligation to Deliver and the Buyer's Obligation to Take Delivery

Sections A5 and B5:  The Transfer from Seller to Buyer of the Risk or Loss of or damage to Goods

Section A3b:  The Seller's Insurance Obligation

Sections A7, B7 and A10, B10:  Notices

Sections A6, B6, A3b, A10 and B10:  Division of Costs between the Parties

Going Through the 13 Terms

Chart Showing Transport Obligations, Cost and Risk

Extract from the Introduction to Incoterms 2000 (or footnotes)
CMI Uniform Rules for Sea Waybills
CMI Rules for Electronic Bills of Lading
Combiterms 2000

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