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eBook - Leading Court Cases on Letters of Credit

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ISBN: 978-92-842-1339-9
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Leading Court Cases on Letters of Credit
By King Tak Fung

Pub No. 658 eBook

2004 Edition

150 pages

Written by King Tak Fung, a prominent Hong Kong lawyer, Leading Court Cases on Letters of Credit gives the facts and analyzes the reasoning behind the cases fundamental to letter of credit law.  For each case, this important book provides:

  • a summary of the facts of each case in easy-to-understand diagrams;
  • the key issues the case presents; and
  • an analysis of what each court decision means for letter of credit practice.

By focusing on the essentials, Leading Court Cases distills the court's legal reasoning into highly readable, user-friendly reference tool.

Wide Range of Cases

Leading Court Cases interprets cases from several jurisdictions concerning a range of issues, among them -

  • Credits versus Contracts: E.D. & F. Man Ltd v. Nigerian Sweets & Confectionery Co. Ltd., 1977 (England)
  • Confirmation: Pasir Gudang Edible Oils Sdn Bhd v. The Bank of New York, 1999, (USA)
  • Availability of Credit and Bills of Exchange: Bank of China v. Agricultural Bank of China, 2000 (China)
  • Document Examination and Rejection: Voest-Alpine Trading USA Corp. v. Bank of China 2002 (USA)
  • Marine Bills of Lading: Cho Hung Bank v. Bank of China, 2001 (Korea)

Other cases analyzed concern standby letters of credit, fraud and injunctions and governing law and jurisdiction.  More than 40 cases are explained with skill and insight. 

Target Audience

A tool to mitigate risks and resolve L/C disputes, Leading Court Cases on Letters of Credit is an excellent reference work for trade finance practitioners, bankers, lawyers and anyone with an interest in letters of credit.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1:  Credits versus Contracts

Chapter 2:  Confirmation

Chapter 3:  Availability of Credit and Bills of Exchange

Chapter 4:  Documents Examination and Rejection

Chapter 5:  Marine Bills of Lading

Chapter 6:  Standby L/C's

Chapter 7:  Fraud and Injunctions

Chapter 8:  Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Table of Cases

Agritrade International Pte Ltd. v. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China {1998} 3 SLR 211

Arma Far East Ltd. v. Uni Fit Garment Factory Ltd (2002)
(Hong Kong High Court Action No. 13201 of {1998}
(Hong Kong)

AXA Assurances, Inc. v. The Chase Manhattan Bank {2001} N.J. Super  LEXIS139

Balfour Beauty Civil Engineering v. Technical & General Guarantee Co Ltd. {1999} 68 Con LR 180

Banco General Runinahui S.A. v. Citibank Int'l. {1996} US App. LEXIS 26473 (USA)

Banco Santander S.A.  v. Banque Paribas {2000} Lloyd's Rep 165

Bank of China v. Agricultural Bank of China, Shao Zhong Fa Jing Chu Zi No. 20 - Zhejiang Shaoxing Intermediate People's Court, 30 June 2000 (PRC)

Bank of China v. Jian Sing Bank Ltd. Unrep, HCCL82/1999
(Hong Kong) 

Bankers Trust Co v. State Bank of India {1991} 2 Lloyd's Rep 443 CA

Bank of of Credit & Commerce Hong Kong Ltd ( in liquidation) v. Sonali Bank {1995} 1 Llyod's rep 227

Bolivinter Oil S.A. v. Chase Manhattan Bank (C.A.) {1984} 1WLR 392
(Hong Kong)

Brenntag International Chemicals, Inc. v. Bank of India {1999} 175 F.3d 245 (USA)

Cho Hung Bank v. Bank of China {Court of Appeal 2001}
(South Korea)

Cooperatieve Centrale Raiffeisn - Boerenleenbank B.A., trading as Rabobank, Hong Kong Branch v Bank of China {2004}
(Hong Kong)

Credit Agricole Indosuez v. Banque Nationale de Paris {2001} 2 SLR 1 (Singapore) 

Credit Industriel et Commercial v. China Merchants Bank {2002} 2 All ER 427 (England)

E.D. & F Man Ltd. v. Nigerian Sweets & Confectionery Co. Ltd. {1977} 2 Llyod's Rep 50

First Union National Bank v. Arab African International Bank and other [48 Fed. Appx.801; 2002 U.S. App. LEXIS 27297]

Glencore, Ltd. v. The Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A. and the State Bank of Saurashtra [1998]

Harlowe and Jones Ltd. v. American Express Bank Ltd. [1990] 2 Llyods Rep 343 (England) 

Hing Yip Hing Fat Co. Ltd. v. The Daiwa bank Ltd. [1991] 2 HKLR 35
(Hong Kong) 

Hyosung America Inc. v. Sumagh Textile Co. 25 F Supp. 376 (S.D.N.Y. 1998) (USA)

Industrial Bank of Korea v. BNP Paribas [2003] The Korean Supreme Court
(South Korea)

Mahonia Limited v. J.P. Morgan Chase Bank [2003] EWHC 1927
(Comm) (England)

Marconi Communications International Ltd. v. PT Pan Indonesia Bank Ltd. TBK [2004] EWHC 129

Mees Pierson N.V. v. Bay Pacific (S) Pte Ltd & Others [2004] 4 SLR 393 (Singapore)

Molter Corp. v. Amwest Surety Insurance Co. [1994] Ill. App. LEXIS 1423

N.V. Koninklijke Sphinx Gustavsberg v. Cooperative Centrale,
Raiffeisen-Boerenleenbank B.A. trading as Rabobank [2004] 493 HKCU 1
(Hong Kong)

Pasir Gudang Edible Oils Sdn Bhd v. The Bank of New York, Index No. 603531/99 (N.Y. Sup. Ct. 1999) (USA) Prime Deal (HK) Enterprises Ltd. v. The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd. and Anor [2002] 831 HKCU 1 (Hong Kong)

Samsung America Inc v. Yugoslav-Korean Consulting & Trading Co. Inc. [1998] 670 N.Y.S. 2d 466

Sinotani Pacific Pte Ltd v. Agricultural Bank of China [1999] 4 SLR 34

Southland Rubber Co. Ltd. v. Bank of China [1997] 3 HKC 569
(Hong Kong)

Standard Chartered Bank v. Pakistan National Shipping Corp [2002] UKHL43, [2003] 1 AC959

Szejn v. Henry Schroeder Banking Corporation (1941) 31 NYS 2d 631

3COM Corporation v. Banco Do Brasil, S.A. [1999] U.S. App. LEXIS 4798

UniCredito Italiano S.p.A v Alan Chung Wah Tang [2002] 339 HKCU 1
(Hong Kong )

United City Merchants v. Royal Bank of Canada [1982] 1 AC 168

United Trading Corporation S.A. v. Allied Arab Bank Limited [1985] 2 Llyod's Report 554

Voest-Alpine Trading USA Corp. v. Bank of China [2002] US App. LEXIS 7412 (USA)



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